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Terms and Conditions

In exchange for valid consideration given, Fishhawk Youth Baseball (FYB):

Banners: Agrees to place, secure, and maintain banner(s) on the outfield fence. Banners size are 4’ x 6’ and will be in color. They will remain in place per sponsor-ship agreement. (Payment terms must be honored or any/all sponsorship advertisements will be removed). Sponsor logo shall be supplied to FYB via email and formatted with the highest pixel and image resolution. (Proper format must be provided, or an additional design fee may be required). A banner proof will be sent to sponsor for final approval prior to printing. FYB shall have the sole discretion to determine if the content of the banner is appropriate for placement in the park.

Message Blasts: Agrees to blast a message or coupon through the FYB communication system. The numbers of message blasts varies per sponsorship agreement. The message blast is directly broadcasted to our baseball families.

Sleeve Logo: Agrees to place Sponsor Business Name and/or logo on the sleeve of the assigned team(s) jersey including, team coaches and team players. The logo will be full color and adjusted to the appropriate size for the sleeve.

***FYB reserves the right to add FYSA & additional sponsors to team jersey shirts if and when necessary and applicable.***

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